Everything You Need to Know About the Lifetime Gift Tax Exemption

The lifetime gift tax exemption applies to all the taxable gifts an individual makes during life, and it also applies to assets left upon that individual’s death. In 2021, that lifetime exemption is $11.78 million for individuals. Here, we answer common questions about gift taxes. What qualifies as a Read More

Estate Tax Planning: How to Avoid or Reduce Estate Tax

Estate taxes can have a significant impact on what your beneficiaries receive, and recent changes (and speculation about changes) to tax law make now a good time to review your estate planning. Recent legislative proposals under the Biden administration have made some people concerned that estate and gift tax Read More

Women and Investing: What Every Female Investor Should Know

When it comes to women and investing, there are quite a few myths and stereotypes that have been perpetuated through the years. Here we look at what the data really say about female investors. Women have longer life expectancies, must contend with the gender income gap, and are often Read More

Thinking About Working After Retirement? Pros & Cons to Know

It used to be that retirement was a hard stop to decades spent in the workforce, with the promise of much travel, catching up on long-lost hobbies, and time spent with grandkids. But these days, retirement is less of a destination and more about change, as increasing numbers of Read More

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