Do You Owe Capital Gains Tax on Homes? Everything You Need to Know About Capital Gains and Real Estate

You worked hard to become a homeowner. Now, what happens when it’s time to sell? We break down one of the biggest tax considerations you need to know. What is the capital gains tax? In general terms, a capital gains tax is the tax on the profit you receive Read More

Should You Invest in Crypto? A Wealth Manager’s Perspective

Cryptocurrency: The latest investment buzzword. However, when it comes to making decisions about your financial portfolio, you need to look past the hype of new investment trends. Before deciding whether or not to invest in crypto, make sure to consider these critical advantages and drawbacks. What Is Cryptocurrency? You’ve Read More

Is a Dividend Reinvestment Plan a Good Idea?

If you’re looking for a long-term investment strategy (or long-term shareholders for your company), it’s time to add a dividend reinvestment plan to your financial planning efforts. What is a Dividend Reinvestment Plan? To understand a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), you need to understand dividend reinvestments. First, an investor Read More

Financial Hygiene Checklist: Steps to Take Now to Protect Your Money

Are you doing all you can to protect your finances during these unprecedented times? Start with our checklist to safeguard your accounts and information. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month, government agencies, banks and others in the financial services industry have been on high alert to the Read More

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing a Financial Advisor

Considering hiring a financial advisor? Improve your chances of selecting the right one for you by avoiding these top mistakes. The wealth advisor you hire plays a major role in whether or not you succeed in reaching your financial goals. No pressure, right? Here are seven common mistakes people Read More

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