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What To Do During An Election Cycle?

A couple of common questions we get during election years are: "What do you think the markets will do if <Candidate X> is voted in?" Or: "How are you positioning the portfolio, because if <Candidate Y> is elected, I’m convinced the economy will struggle?” We’ve even had this occasional request: "Move my portfolio to all cash, because if <Candidate Z> is elected, I don’t want to lose money when the market crashes.” We spent the better part of the years between 2008 and 2016 (when Obama was president) convincing Republicans that it was okay to invest and that the world Read More

What To Do During An Election Cycle?2020-10-22T12:40:10-07:00

Understanding the Financial Planning Process

In order to meet your personal and financial goals, you need a plan. So how do you get there? Here we look more closely at how the financial planning process can help assure you the financial future you’re aiming for.  Have you reached a point in your investing and saving where you realize you need to seek the expertise of an outside resource? To get you started, here’s a helpful overview of the financial planning process.  Step 1: Establish a relationship with a financial professional.  Why is this the very first step? Do you absolutely need to engage a Read More

Understanding the Financial Planning Process2020-10-15T15:14:30-07:00

The HSA Triple Tax Advantage: What You Should Know

As you likely know, an HSA is your government-regulated health savings account, available to you if you have a high-deductible health plan. What you may not already know: Your HSA comes with some pretty major tax benefits and can be a powerful way to boost your retirement savings.  An HSA allows you to accumulate money on a pre-tax basis, and these funds can be invested and grow tax-deferred. If spent on qualified medical expenses, they can be withdrawn tax-free, too. The best of all worlds! Here’s how it works.  Tax Advantage #1: Pre-tax contributions When you use a payroll Read More

The HSA Triple Tax Advantage: What You Should Know2020-10-15T13:54:42-07:00

Ways to Improve Your Financial Plan, Despite World Events

World and national events continue to have an impact on our financial lives. If you’ve been needing to double check that your financial plan is still on track, or if you’re wondering whether you should make certain adjustments to your strategy, keep reading.  Here are a few recommendations for ensuring your financial plan is on solid footing heading into the next several months of continued uncertainty.  Don’t panic. If you’ve been watching the market this year with gritted teeth, wondering if you should be selling, don’t. Pulling money out of the stock market in a panic is an understandable Read More

Ways to Improve Your Financial Plan, Despite World Events2020-10-08T06:37:30-07:00

Your Road to Financial Security

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s the importance of being financially secure. National and global turmoil in any era can create upheaval in the markets and trouble for businesses, derailing individuals and families who are not financially prepared.  So how does one reach financial security and avoid their financial futures getting thrown out of whack by uncontrollable circumstances? Of course, there are never any complete guarantees — life is full of uncertainties, and finances are part of that — but there are steps everyone can take to achieve financial security.  Financial Security Defined What is financial security? Read More

Your Road to Financial Security2020-10-05T15:18:05-07:00

Does Your Wealth Management Firm Do This? Financial Planning Services You Shouldn’t Compromise On

Are you interested in working with a wealth management firm to help you reach your financial goals? Find out how to identify the right wealth manager match for you. When it comes down to it, the services offered by one financial advisor aren't the same as the services offered by another. Financial advisors and wealth managers come with different certifications, college degrees, qualifications, and even credentials. And the firms they work for are just as diverse.In order to get the most value for your hard-earned buck, it might make sense for you to locate a wealth manager that offers a number Read More

Does Your Wealth Management Firm Do This? Financial Planning Services You Shouldn’t Compromise On2020-10-02T17:43:29-07:00

Traditional, SEP, and Roth IRA: Benefits & Drawbacks of Each

Roth, SEP, or traditional? When it comes to IRAs (individual retirement accounts), do you have a tough time keeping the differences straight? Don’t worry: You’re not the only one.  The three types of IRAs serve different purposes, and each come with their own set of benefits and potential drawbacks. While all offer the ability of helping you save for retirement, there are fundamental characteristics of each that impact your retirement planning. What’s more, your eligibility to use certain IRAs will be based on your income level and access to employer-sponsored retirement plans.  Here, we’ll provide a high level look Read More

Traditional, SEP, and Roth IRA: Benefits & Drawbacks of Each2020-10-02T17:39:31-07:00

Small Business Startup Checklist

Considering starting your own business? Congrats! Once you’ve conducted the necessary market research and created a preliminary business plan, what comes next? Here we take a high-level look at the various to-dos you need to tackle prior to launch. Strategically decide on your business location. You may love where you live, but it may not be the best place from which to operate your business, especially when looked at from a cost perspective. You’ll want to consider everything from state and local taxes, government incentives, zoning laws, regulations, and more. This decision should be made strategically and can come Read More

Small Business Startup Checklist2020-08-28T14:52:01-07:00

Investing in the Future: A Financial Plan for Your Children

You’ve already taken the necessary steps to plan for your own future needs, and now you want to make sure your kids or grandkids start off on firm financial footing. Here’s everything you need to know about setting your children up for financial success. First Things First: A Financial Education Here we’ll discuss a few of the choices you have when investing in your child’s future, and we believe that one of the best ways to get started is to have open, regular conversations with your children about money and finances. A financial education is a critical step in Read More

Investing in the Future: A Financial Plan for Your Children2020-08-25T14:44:31-07:00

Hot Topics: Investment Trends We’re Seeing in 2020

2020 has been a wild ride, thanks to the snowballing effects of the coronavirus: the back-and-forth freezing and restarting of economic activity, major shifts in monetary and fiscal policy, low interest rates, the potential for higher inflation, not to mention the risks of an uncertain election season. With all that in mind, here’s our mid-year look at the investment landscape. Trend: Bifurcation in the market is causing heady enthusiasm for growth stocks. We’re seeing a deeper divergence between companies that have weathered the COVID-19 storm well and those that have been less successful. What’s doing well: Growth stocks, especially Read More

Hot Topics: Investment Trends We’re Seeing in 20202020-08-10T14:35:50-07:00
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